ISBN designators

In Canada the Federal Government provides a free ISBN service.  A very nice service.  I noted in a previous blog some frustration with the process, but today received my ISBN block with instructions on how to apply these numbers to my content.

One problem remains.  A FAQ suggested one needs a specific ISBN number for each format of an electronic document.  e.g. PDF, RTF, MOBI and EPUB etc.  In my request for an ISBN block, I requested eight which I hoped to apply over the next seven years.  First of all, naturally would be Dad’s biography, Horses, Trails and Trophies.  

Following that in fairly short order would be the first four novels in the Stonechild Chronicles, Stonechild Volunteers, Stonechild and the Minotaur Maze, Stonechild’s Enigma, and Stonechild and the Emperor.  Following that would be the next three novels, plotted but incomplete: Stonechild and Mamluk Treasure, Stonechild and the Eighth, and finally Stonechild’s Glider Drop.

Should each of the above require four or five separate ISBN’s, eight will not go very far.

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